Betting Advice

As a professional Horse Racing analyst my job is not only to make winning selections but also offer clients selective advice and advise them when the cards are impossible and when to play smaller. I have always believed my job as a tipster is not only to churn out winners, but also to save clients money of the more difficult cards.

I also to advise clients on successful betting strategies, whether it be how to play my value bet, or suggesting a staking plan for top bet punters. I will use the value bet as an example here, The value bet is a long term money making machine, and is simple to explain. Firstly, and very importantly, it is a LONG TERM bet that focusses on consistency rather than being selective. The theory is quite simple, EVERY horse has a TRUE market price, the correct price that represents their chances in the respective race. A true 7/1 shot will win 1 in every 8x, that is simple mathematics. So my job is to basically find horses that are bigger than what they should be in the market, and with a competitive chance. So if I can find 14/1 about true 7/1 shot, they will only win 1 in every 8 times, but you will be getting 15 units back for your 8 spent. That’s the basic theory behind value, and I know I can spot horses at least double the price they should be, and hence in the long run you will make money following my value bets, PROVIDED you keep your stake CONSISTENT and you are DISCIPLINED.

All TOP BET punters must be PATIENT. I have numerous clients who have found a great system whereby they only play my TOP BET only when I am confident in my race card summary, and they generally use a staking plan. I have many big punters on this system who are doing exceptionally well. There are certain meetings when you literally can’t find a TOP BET and this is when I say in my summary to wait for another day.

When it comes to the exotic bets, most of my longstanding clients are CONSISTENT in what they play. They don’t miss a Place Accumulator because 3 in a row have lost and they don’t increase their bet if they have a nice win the day before. Serious punters must treat their punting as a BUSINESS. They find a SYSTEM that works and they stick to it. Others use my selections as a good base and add to it with great success, but they are consistent in what they do.

Always ensure you budget yourself. For example if you don’t have enough money to last you the entire month playing the PA full, then you must take the PA for the percentage amount to allow you to. Then at the end of the month you can increase your bet.

Too many punters go too big too early and if we have a bad few days they end up with no funds to play when we have a big win. Think about a bakery business, would they ever bake enough bread to last half the day and then close at 2 and miss all the evening callers? I don’t think so! Never chop and change from one bet to the next, I can tell you many sad stories of clients who have taken the PA for a few days and then switched to the Pick-6 and on that day the PA pays a huge amount.

Bottom line, I am always available for clients to advise them and help them with their betting. Clients that join me will not only get the best analysis and tips money can buy, but more importantly, they will learn from being a client.