Q1: How do I pay and what reference do I use?
A1: You can pay on-line by using your credit card, just click on JOIN NOW. Or you can do an internet transfer or a direct deposit into our ABSA bank account: Bank Details: ABSA bank, account number 4055758232, Trackside Racing Services. Please ensure you use your NAME as a reference, and then either email membership@whisperer.co.za when a payment has been made, or make use of our deposit notification button on the HOW TO JOIN page.

Q2: Is there a guaranteed winner? Are you tips guaranteed?
A2: These are big animals ridden by humans (who can make mistakes) at break-neck speeds and many things can go wrong, like injury, bad rides, horse getting squeezed out, bad going, pace, and plenty more. There are no guarantees on any individual horse, but over a long term period, being consistent with a bet type, you can make money. I can never guarantee any individual bet, but one thing I can guarantee is that you will get value for money with my service, and the best analysis money can buy. I have also never denied any clients a full refund in my 15 years of business.

Q3: How can I take bets?
A3: Depending on where you are in the world, it is very simple to use the Whisperer’s Tipping service to make money on South African Horse Racing. If you are based in South Africa, all you need to do is go down to your nearest TAB branch and place a bet, or open a telephone betting account with the TAB and bet from the comfort of your home or from work. Having a telephone account ensures you don’t have to always find a TAB to take a bet. There are also bookmaker shops you can visit, and many online betting shops worldwide that cover South African Horse Racing. There are some very good online sportsbooks that advertise on my hope page, and I would suggest you start with one of them if you are looking for a reputable bookmaker.

Q4: What is the best bet to play?
A4: It all depends on the race meeting concerned. This is why I have a race card summary for clients to read before they place their bets. This summary is vital as I give a guideline on what the meeting is like and how I think you should play. I will tell you what exotic I prefer, for example if there is a pick-6 carryover or if I have a strong pick-6 banker, I will advise to play the pick-6. Similarly, I will tell you if my TOP BET is strong and what sort of bet to have on it, or if there is a double to take with the top bet. On a very tough day with many handicaps I might advise just a Place Accumulator for the day. Remember, my job as a tipster is not only to tip winners but to help you save money when the card looks tricky.

Q5: How do I get fixed odds betting?
A5: If you are based internationally you can open an account with a company like Ladbrokes or go to www.betfair.com to bet on South African racing. For local punters you can open an account with your nearest bookmaker. Send me an e-mail if you would like me to find a bookmaker close to you.

Q6: What is the BONUS PICK-6 you offer?
A6: The bonus Pick-6 is the pick-6 I take myself as well as my normal perm. The bonus pick-6 is more flexible and the cost can vary from as little as R200 to R2000 depending on the individual meeting. On a meeting where I think there are 3 bankers it will be a small perm, but on a tricky card it can be a lot more and then clients are advised to take percentages. But there is nothing wrong with taking 10% of a pick-6 that pays R200 000.00!

Q7: When do you advise to play your value bet?
A7: VALUE BET EXPLAINED – The value bet is a long term money making machine, and is simple to explain. Firstly, and very importantly, it is a LONG TERM bet that focusses on consistency rather than being selective. The theory is quite simple, EVERY horse has a TRUE market price, the correct price that represents their chances in the respective race. A true 7/1 shot will win 1 in every 8x, that is simple mathematics. So my job is to basically find horses that are bigger than what they should be in the market, and with a competitive chance. So if I can find 14/1 about true 7/1 shot, they will only win 1 in every 8 times, but you will be getting 15 units back for your 8 spent. That’s the basic theory behind value, and I know I can spot horses at least double the price they should be, and hence in the long run you will make money following my value bets, PROVIDED you keep your stake CONSISTENT and you are DISCIPLINED.

Q8: Which is the best province to play?
A8: I treat every province as an equal and spend 4-5 hours doing my form analysis for every province. However, provinces like Port Elizabeth don’t have as many TOP BETS as the other three provinces, but the exotics are just as good.

Q9: How will I know when my membership is complete? A9: We send out renewal reminders a good two days before your subscription ends so that you can keep betting on horse racing.

Q10: How do I get the results?
A10: The web sites I mentioned above, www.saftote.com and www.tabgold.co.za, have all the results you will need for betting on horse racing.